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Faces of HoCo: Kaylee Gentry

Senior Kaylee Gentry, who will be graduating this month, stopped by the Honors College this morning to pick up her graduation medallion. I was so fascinated with her plans to teach in China for the coming year I asked her to tell you about it. What a terrific student!

Dr. Dave Davies

Faces of HoCo: Meredith Barefield

This is the time of year when students are stopping by the HoCo offices to tell us about their summer plans. Sophomore Meredith Barefield popped by today with absolutely terrific news: She has been accepted into a hotly competitive summer research program for undergraduates at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I asked her to tell you all about it in the short video below.

Dr. Dave Davies

Zoe Beckham returns to campus

Zoe Beckham, Honors College class of 2010, returned to campus today to talk to our students about Teach for America, the national program that recruits highly talented students into the nation’s classrooms. Based in Nashville and now in her second year of the program, Zoe has thrived as a teacher and now is helping with recruiting for the organization. I asked Zoe to explain her work in the short video below.

One of the joys of working in the Honors College is seeing so many students like Zoe thrive upon graduation. Whenever possible we try to have them back to campus to talk about what they’ve been up to. It’s a great way for our students to get exposed to the breadth of possibilities awaiting them after graduation.

Dr. Dave Davies

Two HoCo students selected for Clinton Initiative

Yesterday two Honors College students gave me some good news that absolutely made my day. The two seniors told me they have been selected to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative University, a program developed by the Clinton Foundation to get college students and graduates worldwide involved in solving societal problems. It’s a significant honor for the students and for the university, given just how hard it is to win acceptance into this program, which brings together student leaders, experts, and policy makers for a meeting next month in St. Louis.

The students, Jazmyne Butler and Ashley Betts, are both seniors graduating in May. I asked them to come to my office to do a brief video to tell you about the program.

(You can read more about the Clinton Global Initiative at their website,

Dr. Dave Davies

The tornado’s aftermath

It’s been a wild, wild week at Southern Miss.

The tornado on Feb. 10 has put the campus in cleanup mode, and thanks to the incredible work of our Physical Plant, numerous contractors, and student volunteers, the campus is looking much, much better. Student volunteers converged on the campus a few days after the hurricane (see video below), and the huge volunteer turnout lifted spirits across campus. (Incoming President Rodney Bennett’s encouraging presence on campus was heartily welcomed as well.)

The Honor House sustained only minor damage. We had only a broken window and a porch door off its hinges, even though we are directly north of the Ogletree House, which was heavily damaged. We were incredibly lucky.