Ann Blackwell

Brand New Endings

One of the best things about the start of a new year for me is the opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  Although we cannot change mistakes we made this past year, we can certainly learn from them.  Although we will not control everything we face in 2014, we can still identify and diligently pursue noteworthy goals.  I like the quote credited to Carl Bard.  He said, “Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

In higher education, we have the distinct privilege of contributing to a “brand new ending” for each of our students by offering them the lasting benefits of a college education and degree.  What we do is important.  In fact, the systemic impact of a college degree is well documented.  A college degree benefits individuals, and in turn, families, communities, and our state by the positive impact it has on employment, salary, health, quality of life, and the economy.

Contemplating on the impact of our work serves to reaffirm the commitment of the College of Education and Psychology (CoEP) to vigorously support our students to be successful.   We intend to do everything possible in 2014 to offer each of our students a “brand new ending” available through a college degree.  Will it be challenging?  No doubt.  Will it require everyone working together?  Absolutely.  Will it change the landscape of Mississippi if we maintain our resolve?  That is definitely the plan.

Happy New Year!

Ann Blackwell
Ann Blackwell
Dr. Ann P. Blackwell serves as dean of the College of Education and Psychology at The University of Southern Mississippi.

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