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Our own Dr. Grant Harley, Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Geology, is participating in research on an underwater Gulf Coast forest that may date back around 80,000 years and could yield important clues about the region’s climate and habitat.

Dr. Harley’s expertise includes dendochronology (the study of tree rings).  He is studying samples from what appears to be a bald cypress forest that previously existed in a swamp above water, growing during the Wisconsin Glacial Period.

Read more here:  http://www.usm.edu/news/article/southern-miss-geographer-studying-ancient-underwater-bald-cypress-forest

See WDAM’s video on Dr. Harley’s research here:  WDAM Video. 

Dr. Joe Whitehead
Dr. Joe Whitehead
Dr. Joe Whitehead served as dean of the College of Science of Technology from 2010-2013.

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